What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Don’t forget about our great doll clothes patterns recycling projects.

If you have some old t-shirts, a windbreaker or some left-over silk flowers, you can make one of these great projects. Just click on the pink links below to get the instructions for each project.

Your American Girl Dolls will be really cute, and you can help save the Earth.

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If you made our free hobo bag pattern, you’re probably wishing you had some money to put in your doll’s purse.

Here’s how you’ll get your unlimited supply of cash!

About four days after you sign up to get the free the hobo bag pattern, you’ll receive an email from DollClothesPatterns with your download link for the play money. You don’t have to do anything extra. It’s automatic. You can print as much money as you want. Your doll can even be a millionaire if you have enough ink in your printer.

Have fun making money!
Please leave a comment and tell us what you think of this idea.

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