Doll Clothes Patterns to Fit Springfield Collection Dolls

I’ve had a couple of requests recently for the measurements of the Springfield Collection dolls. If you’re trying to alter your doll clothes patterns to fit this line of dolls, please notice they’re quite a bit thinner than the American Girl dolls.

The Springfield Collection is sold at Michael’s craft stores. Although they’re not as well-made as American Girl, they’re considerably less expensive than American Girl, …and they make good ’starter dolls’ if you’re on a tight budget. If you watch for a half-price coupon, you can get a real bargain. Just remember, because of the size difference, you’ll have to adjust your doll clothes patterns to get a great fit.

Compare these measurements to the measurements listed in the earlier post (on Nov. 10, 2008) if you’re attempting to alter commercial doll clothes patterns made for 18 inch dolls. Also, because all these dolls have cloth bodies, the measurements may vary slightly from doll to doll. Allow for ‘ease.’

Overall Height: 17-1/2 inches tall

Bust: 10-1/2 inches, Waist: 10 inches, Hips: 11-3/4 inches

Inseam: 6-1/2 inches, Thigh: 5-1/4, Calf: 4-1/2 inches

Arm (shoulder to wrist): 5-1/8 inches

Arm (armpit to wrist): 3-1/4 inches

Around the Shoulders: 13-3/4 inches

Around the Neck: 5-3/4 inches, Neck Height: 3/8 inches

Around Head: 11 inches, Foot: 2-5/8 long X 1-3/8 inches wide

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17 Responses

  1. Dianna Baas Says:

    Dear Peggy

    Thank you for the pattern I want to make it a little bigger for my self, to have this net littel hobo bag

    Dianna Baas

  2. Cassie Clipston Says:

    Hi I just joined and love your site I had to share it with my mom and other doll fenatics. I was wondering if anyone has an easy shirt pattern. I am not a great seemstress and the thought of making a shirt scares me but I made my girls 5 different skirts for -mas and have no shirts. Also I have a springfeild doll and love it. She is very cute and only cost me 16.99.
    Thank you Cassie

  3. Bobbie Wright Says:

    Do you know who makes the new Fancy Nancy doll from Target? My daughter tells me she is a Madame Alexander doll. I haven’t taken her out of her box yet so would appreciate any hints about making suitably fancy and well fitting clothes for her.

  4. admin Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t know about Fancy Nancy. From the photos online, she appears to have a very different body shape than American Girls. Maybe one of the other blog readers can write in and answer your question.

  5. Christine Says:

    Fancy Nancy is a Madame Alexander product (doll). Just type in ‘Madame Alexander’ into your search engine. Search of the site will give you a view of what the clothes for the doll look like. Also, checking out the clothes at Target as well as the books will help.

  6. susie simpson Says:

    WOW! this is my first time sewing. This website made it easier for me, so I can sew better! Thanks, Peggy!

  7. LilysGrace Says:

    The Fancy Nancy doll at target is made by Jakks Pacific. She is beautiful, my little girl just loves her!

  8. Danielle Says:

    My daughter just received the Fancy Nancy doll (Target one) and her body is quite different than the American Girl dolls. Her chest is smaller and her waist a bit wider and her hips a bit wider. Her shoulders are much smaller too. I thought I could use an AG pattern, but it won’t work. Any advice??

  9. admin Says:

    Sorry, I don’t have a Fancy Nancy doll. It takes so much time to create original patterns, I have to stick with one body type. (18′ American Girl Dolls)

    If I had your problem, I would go to Target and purchase a ready-made outfit that fits the doll’s body snugly. It should be a basic style, like a t-shirt and a pair of pants. Then I would VERY carefully (so as NOT to stretch it) rip it apart, gently iron it and trace around the individual pieces to create a paper pattern.

    Then you can make lots of t-shirts and pants in different fabrics. Hope that helps.

  10. Smoochie Says:

    I use patterns from McCalls and Simplicity when sewing for 18″ dolls. The patterns fit all American Girl dolls and also Springfield, Madam Alexander, Gotz and My Generation dolls. Take your doll’s measurements and try and find a pattern to match those measurements. The measurements of the clothes are on the back of the pattern.

  11. CindyM Says:

    This is a great website. Thanks so much for the information about Springfield dolls. This was very helpful.

  12. Jo Says:

    It’s not just the dolls which differ widely. Butterick patterns for the 18 inch dolls aren’t the same sizing as Simplicity or McCalls. Butterick’s patterns were sized for the Battat dolls (available at Target, but NOT the Heidi Ott’s!) and, one other company sized them for Corolle, which were only available in one high-end toy store here where I live. Both dolls were VERY different in their basic measurements.

    Target now has a new manufacturer for the 18 inch dolls, which look to be better quality than Battat, but I haven’t purchased one yet to see.

  13. njluvdolls Says:

    I’ve been sewing/selling for many years and always found you’ve got to be very careful with the commercial patterns. They are better for Springfield dolls than American Girl. If I use em I add width or they are tight and harder to get on. Also watch the cuff widths; AG hands fingers spread wide. I so miss the discontinued AG patterns, but the piece I do have I use for comparisons. Isn’t it fun to put together your own ideas tho?????

  14. njluvdolls Says:

    Oh and to add to Jo’s specifics, some patterns were designed for Attic Kids, some for Daisy Kingdom, and vintage for Kimberly doll bodies, all thinner.
    Bitty Baby clothes is another challenge, the body is wider and shorter than AG and some patterns for dolls that size are often for Gotz etc. Its hard.

  15. admin Says:

    Springfield foot is 2-3/4 inches long by 1-3/8 inches wide, a bit longer than American Girl dolls.

  16. Nicole Says:

    HEY! im about to receive an American Girl doll for christmas! :) I’m really excited. I’m well aware that other than my Bday and Christmas I won’t get clothes, furniture etc. unless its out of my pocket money. To me, $30 or $40 for a doll’s outfit is outrageous! Also some furniture like beds, couches, tables, etc. are a lot!!!! …I mean $150 for a bed set!

    So, do you have any ideas for making furniture? Also! I wanna make them a doll house out of a bookcase. Do you know a store/ website I could buy one? I have to have a store I can go to though. Can’t buy online. But it has to be big enough for the American Girl doll, and kinda shaped as a doll house (but a book case) please help me!!! :)

  17. admin Says:

    I’ll think about the bookcase.

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