Doll Clothes Patterns: How to Sew on Knits

Doll clothes patterns that fit perfectly when made in woven fabrics may not fit at all when sewn in knits. Loose and stretchy knit fabrics can be difficult to handle if you don’t know a few important tricks.

1.) When cutting out the doll clothes patterns, first cut the fabric along one of the ribs in the knit. Use this as the grain line when you pin your pattern piece in place, even if it isn’t parallel with the selvage edge. If your knit is very crooked, wash it. Then while it’s wet, pull it into shape or ‘block’ it with your hands and lay it flat to dry.

2.) Use seam tape to prevent the fabric from stretching and to maintain the size of the original doll clothes patterns. See the photo below. Also try not to pull the seams when surging or zigzagging the unfinished seam lines.

3.) Use steam to ‘block’ your knits into shape. Be very careful when using steam on knits. It can either shrink the garment, or restore its shape.

NOTE: Never steam a garment while your doll is wearing it. The heat from the steam will permanently damage her hair.

The (front and side view) photos above show a sweater that has been steamed too much. The hoodie has lost its original shape and now it’s too small for the doll’s head.

By steaming the sweater again you can gently stretch the pieces into the shape of the original doll clothes patterns. As you can see from the photo, the hoodie fits perfectly now.

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11 Responses

  1. L. Dorsey Says:

    Thanks for the great tips on this site. Can’t wait to make the hobo bag. By the way, do you have the knitting pattern for the lovely blue hoodie in the picture?


  2. mimi Says:

    I can not tell you how grateful I am for all of your ideas. My Granddaughter has me busy as can be making all the outfits.

    Thank you sooooooooooo much


  3. admin Says:

    L. Dorsey,
    The blue hoodie is not a knitting pattern. The knitted fabric was purchased (by the yard) at the fabric store. Then it was cut out and sewn together. I’ll be publishing the pattern online in the fall.

  4. s. sanders Says:

    I’m looking for a basic T-Shirt pattern that fits, and a pattern for a sleeveless crop top with a square neck

  5. admin Says:

    S. Sanders,
    The black & white striped t-shirt that comes with the flared tunic and cropped leggings pattern on this site fits well.

    I don’t have a pattern for a crop top, but it’s a cute idea.

  6. Willie Says:

    Great tips.. and nice that you don’t live so far away from me in case I need some extra help. I’m in Corsicana.

  7. Becky J. Says:

    Can not believe how informative your site is. Such wonderful ideas, tips and hints. I can’t wait to dig through my craft stuff to find fabric and my machine. Great motivation!

  8. Renee Johnson Says:

    I enjoy your site. I like the mini-money and want more cool stuff like this.

  9. Lorraine R Says:

    Do you have patterns for 23″ dolls or know where I can get some “free” ones to get started?

  10. admin Says:

    I only make patterns for 18-inch dolls. Sorry.

  11. ann knott Says:

    Thank you for sharing the Hobo bag and play money. My 10 yeatr old granddaughter is learning to sew on my machine and needs more patterns. She is so excited about sewing, so keep the patterns coming please.

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