Doll Clothes Patterns – Backpacks are OUT. Oversized totes are IN.

Doll clothes patterns should be inspired by the latest fashion trends. The same is true of doll accessories. Your choice of accessories can complete an outfit, or make it ordinary.

One of the strongest accessory trends we see today is the tote… or oversized handbag. (A hobo bag is shown below.)

The oversized handbag has replaced the backpack as the new ‘must have’ fashion item. It’s seen in many shapes; like the hobo bag, the oversized tote and the mailbag. Bags with drawstring tops and heavy hardware trim are also popular. You’ll want to look for these design details when you translate the new fashion trends into your doll clothes patterns.

Girls today are influenced by the styles they see other kids wearing in magazines and on TV. So, for a ‘total look,’ you should always select doll clothes patterns that include doll accessories… like handbags, shoes, hats and jewelry.

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36 Responses

  1. Doll Clothes Gal Says:

    Interesting post – and I love the hobo bag!

  2. Marian Says:

    I love making this size doll clothes. I enjoy how quickly they work up, the seams are just big enough to fit easily under my sewing feet and I can cut out and sew an entire outfit in an evening and try it on the doll, no delayed gratification for me! I will check back on your blog,Thanks, Sewing in Dallas

  3. ellie Says:

    Where can I get instructions for making the tote bag shown above?

  4. admin Says:

    I designed this hobo bag, and I’ll be putting the pattern on the site soon. It will be FREE …a gift for my readers. You just sign up, then I’ll email the pattern to you in a file you can download and print out. Watch the blog. When you see the sign up form appear on the homepage, just sign up.

    Thanks everyone, for reading the blog. I’ll keep looking for new trends and fun ideas to blog about. And, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy them.


    Soon, there will be patterns here for complete outfits, including the accessories; like boots, purses, hats, etc.

  5. Ruth Mehlsen Says:

    I look forward to seeing the patterns

  6. Ruth Mehlsen Says:

    I have an 18 inch doll and want to know how to make the exact fit

  7. Lee Ann Walker Says:

    I love the hobo bag. Please put me on the list for patterns. My grandaughter really needs some outfits for her look-alike-american girl doll.

  8. sondrasmom Says:

    Great pattern and I love your ideas! Thanks so much for the money printable. Guess we’ll start having to “charge” the dolls for their salon visits. They can afford it now!

  9. jenamaus Says:

    Thanks so much for the patterns!! They are superb! Can’t wait for more to come out!!!
    Sewing these is a great hobby, and can help relieve stress from work… :) Please let me know when more come out!

  10. ana Says:

    Hello, I have not been able to do the bag yet because I am trying to figure out how to sew a sleeve to the torso portion of a shirt for an 8 inch doll. Are there special sewing machines for that, I mean, that sew that very small?


  11. admin Says:

    Hi Ana,
    I only work on 18 inch dolls. But when I have trouble working on very small details, I baste the pieces together by hand before I sew them. You might also check at a store that sells your brand of sewing machine to see if they have a special ‘foot’ that might help you.

  12. AnaMayB Says:

    Thank You for your patterns and tips. I purchased some Springfield dolls for my girls for Christmas and am starting on accessories and clothing. They will love your hobo bag and play money…

  13. Sally Says:

    Thanks, so much, for the hobo bag pattern and the ‘money’ to go along with it. I purchased an 18″ Our Generation doll from Target for my 5-year-old grandniece for Christmas. I’m not an experienced seamstress, but am having fun learning to sew for this doll and the hobo bag and money will be a nice addition. Thanks again.


  14. Aunt_T Says:

    I am just starting my 18″ doll collection. I love making my own doll clothes and accessories. Thanks for all of the great patterns. I can tell you are going to be a valued resource!

  15. Mary Says:

    I made this bag for Christmas along with a dress both out of denim. It was adorable & my 7 year old loved it. She thought the money was really neat as well. Thank you for sharing the pattern with everyone.

  16. Lois Says:

    I’ve had so much fun making doll clothes for my granddaughter. These will definitely be added to my patterns for future projects. I love things I can make in one evening!

  17. smoochie Says:

    Thanks for the website, I will get the hobo bag. I’m starting out with 13 outfits to sell 18″ doll clothes in my area where I live. To Anna 2009. To sew a sleeve in easily. If it’s gathered on top, make gathers first between the front notch and back notches. Fit right side of sleeve to right side of bodice matching front and back notches, then draw up gathering stitch to fit. Sew with wrong side of sleeve facing you. Then you can sew the side seam and sleeve seam together making sure that the seam for the sleeve always faces in toward the sleeve.
    Good Luck ~ Happy Sewing

  18. prudence Says:

    Hello Peggy, How do I get the patterns they are not showing up on my email

  19. admin Says:

    Sign up by typing your name and email address in the form on the front page of the website.

    I tried to send you a personal email, but it would not go through. Perhaps there’s something wrong with your email account.

    To answer your question, your spam folder is located near the link for your in box. Just click on it and your spam box will open.

  20. Barbara Says:

    This is a great bag, made it this morning before 9am. Easy peasy. Now off to make some more.

  21. Jill Says:

    Thank you for this pattern! We’ll be making a few of these to match the doll’s outfits – then onto the scarf!

  22. Frances Aiken Says:

    How do I get the pattern of the white knit dress with cowl neck? I would like to order it if possible.

  23. admin Says:

    Sorry Frances,
    That top came on a Madame Alexander Girlz doll. It’s not for sale.

  24. Diana Says:

    Just found your site and was so excited. I am a grandmother and my granddaughter just got her first American Girl doll. Think I am going to have more fun that her. Does anyone have the correct measurements to make a sleeping bag? Should be easy enough, but good measurements would help. Thanks!

  25. Adele Aiken Says:

    I love the hobo bag and the money!! What a great idea. I haven’t made the bag yet, but I did print out the money. Now, if I could only print out some money for my purse!!!

    Thanks for sharing your clever ideas.

  26. Jessica Says:

    I love this hobo bag.It is so cute. I made it for the doll my daughter is getting as a Christmas gift this year. Thanks for the wonderful patterns and I look forward to more.

  27. caroline Says:

    So cute. I love it.

  28. Meagan Says:

    You have awesome ideas!! I love the simplicity of the hobo bag. My 4 yr. old helped me sew hers together. She was so excited. She can’t wait for her birthday, so she can buy the party dress pattern for her doll. The scarf was fun for us to do together too!! Thank-you for the free pattern and the $$! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  29. sam Says:

    i just finished the hobo bag and I love it. Great job.

  30. andismom Says:

    Love the hobo bag. Very easy to make and so cute. Also made the wallet and printed out the money. Just adorable. Can’t wait to see if DGD likes them.

  31. Lana Says:

    I made this hobo bag in different colors for my grandaughter’s dolls. I’ve also made matching bags for my granddaughter. We are currently working on a doll room for her dolls.

  32. jilly06 Says:

    Thank you so much for the Hobo bag pattern and the money to go with it! It turned out great for my American Girl doll!

    Thank you

  33. admin Says:

    Some readers also wanted to make human-sized hobo bags.


    All you have to do is mark the pattern pages with a grid. Cut out the grid sections. Then put each grid section on a copy machine and enlarge the copy until you get the size you need for a child or adult’s handbag. Make sure you enlarge each grid section exactly the same amount (%) or the pattern won’t fit together properly. Tape all the grid sections back together to match the original pattern. Now you have a bigger hobo bag.

    For an adult-sized bag you may want to use a underlining (or perhaps fiberfill – depending on your fabric) if you want the bag stiffer. If you use recycled denim, it may be heavy enough used alone.

    You will also need to adjust the shoulder seam. The doll’s pattern was designed to fit on her shoulder without falling off. Just allow some extra fabric on the shoulder and adjust to fit a human. If you’re working with an expensive or scarce fabric, consider making a test-bag first out of a similar weight scrap fabric.

  34. gerda Says:

    Thank you so much for the Hobo bag pattern and the money to go with it!


  35. Lydia Says:

    Thank you so much for the money print out.
    Love hobo bag, thank you for the free pattern. My granddaughter is going to love these!!!

  36. Line Says:

    Thank you very much for the pattern of the Hobo bag and for the money print out. It ’s just perfect.

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