Doll Clothes Patterns

If you’re looking for doll clothes patterns and doll accessories that are fun and easy to sew, this blog is for you.

Today’s girl wants to dress her doll in clothes she might wear herself… or dream of wearing if money were no object. So, we’ll look at what girls are wearing now and talk about the new fashion trends. Then, we’ll translate these popular trends into doll clothes patterns, so you can create the latest styles of clothing and accessories for your dolls.

The doll clothes patterns on this blog are sized to fit many 18-inch dolls, …like American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander Girlz, the Springfield Collection and Gotz dolls.
You’ll enjoy learning about fashion design and working with fabrics and colors to sew totally coordinated outfits for your dolls. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. Whether you’re a girl, a mother or a grandmother, you’ll learn to think like a fashion designer and be sewing doll clothes in no time flat.

You can create outfits for your doll that are fashionable, unique and original. But, they’ll be much less expensive than “store bought’ doll clothes. Our blog posts will talk about money-saving ideas and offer shopping tips. We’ll suggest places you can go to find ‘overlooked treasures’ that can be recycled into one-of-a-kind doll clothes. We’ll introduce pictures and instructions for making great doll accessories… like jewelry, shoes, handbags and hats. As everyone knows, girls and dolls love accessories!

So, remember to come back often. We’ll be adding more drawings and photos to give you ideas for making complete outfits for your dolls in the most current styles, colors and fabrics. You’ll get lots of free information here, and occasionally even some free doll clothes patterns.

You can get started making some basic fashion items by using the doll clothes patterns in Joan Hinds’ book shown on this page, Sew the Contemporary Wardrobe for 18-Inch Dolls. There are a few garments every doll should have in her closet. Start your doll’s casual wardrobe with a basic Hooded Sweatshirt (book: page 40) and a Cap-Sleeve T-Shirt (book: page 38.)

Remember that clothes for your 18-inch dolls are much smaller than human clothes. Select fabrics for your doll clothes patterns that are thinner or softer than the fabrics used for ‘human’ sized clothes, so they’ll drape well and look realistic. Natural fibers, like lightweight cotton knit and silk, hang better than stiff polyester and acrylic. If you select printed fabrics, think about scale. To look realistic, a small doll shirt requires fabric with a very small pattern or narrow stripe.

Thanks for visiting the doll clothes patterns blog. If you love fashion and love dolls, you belong here. We want to meet you. Please post a comment, introduce yourself and let us know what you think.

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25 Responses

  1. ellie Says:

    I’ve made many of the clothes in both of Joan Hinds books. I try to vary them to keep them interesting and really get into the creativity of it. I look forward to more ideas such as your hobo bag and the scarf for unique accessories.

    Do you have a source for ribbing that is used on the sweatshirt? I was not able to find at Joanne Fabrics where I shop.

    thanks for your blog!

  2. admin Says:

    When I have trouble finding a fabric or trim at a retailer, I usually cut up and recycle used clothing that’s in good condition. Because the ribbed trim needs to be ‘miniature’ in size, I would probably look for newborn baby clothes at the thrift store (for $1 or so) and cut the ribbed trim off.

    You also might be able to re-use ribbed cotton tights for trim on doll clothes. The knit is much lighter weight than most ribbed fabrics and looks more ‘believable’ on dolls.

    Thanks for bringing this up. I’ll do a blog post about it to show some more ideas for ‘fabric store’ substitutes.


  3. Carol in Arizona Says:

    I am crocheting things for my out of town granddaughter’s American Girl doll but need a few measurements that are not listed:
    To make a “jumper” with straps, I need the length from her front waist up over her shoulders to her back waist and I need a measurement of her foot across the instep to the rear of the heel, to allow for a long enough strap. I have a measurement of 5″ around her ankle, but need that instep size. Thank you!

  4. admin Says:

    Here are your measurements:
    1. Front waistline over the shoulder to back waistline is 8 inches.
    2. My AG doll’s ankle measures 4-3/8 inches in circumference. I don’t know why yours is different unless we’re measuring in different places.
    3. I’m not understanding exactly what you’re looking for on your foot measurement. A strap, like on a sling-back shoe should be 3 inches, but that doesn’t go across the instep. If you email a picture, showing me what you’re wanting, I’ll be happy to re-measure.

  5. Carol in Arizona Says:

    Oh thank you….you’re right I didn’t mean instep. “sling back” strap. I’m sure 3″ will be good. Your prompt answers are wonderful! Thank you ever so much!

  6. Rachel Says:

    Do you know where I can find patterns for 23 inch dolls? I LOVE these for my AG Dolls. But my My Twinn has a whooping total of 3 outfits! :D Thanks!

  7. admin Says:

    Sorry but I only work with 18 inch dolls. You can probably find something available in the commercial patterns sold at fabric stores. I’ve tested most of them. I find the Simplicity patterns fit the best.
    I wish I could be more helpful,

  8. Annabelle Says:

    Hi Peggy,

    Thanks you so much I made the bag and it beautiful!
    I can’t wait for more patterns!!

  9. Mary Says:

    This comment is for Rachel who is looking for patterns to fit her 23″ My Twinn Doll. Morrissey Dolls in Hartford, Wisconsin has patterns to fit this doll and others in sizes 7″ to 30″ dolls. Click on the doll pattern needed and the page will pull up with different selections to choose from. The patterns are very professional. Hope this helps.

  10. Ann Says:


    Have just read through your site and have gleaned lots of good ideas and inspiration. I’ve just become interested in sewing for dolls as I came upon a doll of my daughter a few days ago. She was in a pitiful state and so I sewed, not very elegant, a t-shirt and shorts for her and she looks a little less sad. This doll is approx. 30 in. but I’m thinking that this doll may have sparked quite an interest in dressing dolls. Sadly, my daughter has only boys but she may want the doll for herself. Sorry for going on a bit. Thank you very much for allowing me to join and for the wonderful instructions for the hobo bag.

  11. Jeanie Says:

    Had to laugh about Ann’s mentioning that her daughter has only boys. Me too – all grown up and having given me five grandchildren – but I have eight dolls who are just for me! I love sewing for them, so to have found this site (thanks to an American Girl Fans board member’s posting) is just wonderful.
    By the way – your daughter could say she is collecting dolls for (future) granddaughters – that’s my excuse.
    I’ll look forward to more patterns.

  12. Emily Says:


    My daughter is saving up for a Vision Forum doll, so I thought I’d start looking for ideas of clothing and accessories for her. I’m a beginner, so I don’t know how much I can actually make, but I want to learn! And I’d love to teach her how to sew, so we can learn together! She’s 8, and we’re homeschooling, so we’ve got the time! Trouble is, we don’t have a sewing machine… so until we can save up for one, everything will need to be done by hand. Anyway, I look forward to reading through your site! Thanks!

  13. Faith Says:

    Thanks for the cute money! I was able to print it and it will go inside the hobo bag! My niece will think it is the neatest thing ever. And so will her Mom and G-ma!

  14. Janice Martin Says:

    I must warn those considering to buy 23-inch doll patterns from Morrissey Dolls in Hartford, Wisconsin, not to purchase anything from them. My recent experience is that they will take your money and not send you a thing. Even after emails and phone calls and then reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, there was no response from them to either of us. I am not the only one who has paid for merchandise and not received it.

  15. margaret Says:

    I bought from Morrissey Dolls via e-bay so I could do an order for a customer that wanted matching outfits for girl and doll. I used her pdf option and received my e-mail in less than 24 hours. However they are not for beginners as they have no instructions, only pattern pieces. Since I sew period clothing it was no big deal but may be for others.

  16. Debbie Says:

    Do you know where I can find patterns for 18″ doll jewelry?

  17. admin Says:

    I’ve never seen patterns for doll jewelry. Why don’t you just look at patterns for humans and reduce the size by at least half or more. I’m thinking about beading for necklaces, etc. There are lots of ‘how-to’ books at the fabric/craft stores. I made some cute necklaces for dolls from recycled human earrings and charms.

  18. Sandy Says:

    Thank you for the pattern for the hobo bag and the money. My daughter is so excited about making it. She is just learning to sew. I will be visiting your site regularly. I thought the shower cap idea was great. We are making towels and bath wraps for her friends for Christmas. We are using ribbon for the straps and velcro for a closure. I purchased hand towels at Walmart for $1 and I can get 4 bath wraps out of 1 hand towel. We are going to use hotel shampoos and soaps and create our own labels with ribbons and give them a spa basket.

  19. admin Says:

    Great idea! If you give shampoo as a gift, be sure and tell them not to get water in the doll’s eyes. It will ruin them.

    There are instructions on YouTube for the correct way to wash your AG doll’s hair. You could include a link to a video on your gift card.

  20. sam Says:

    I love the hobo bag. It is so adorable. I think the printable mini money is cute, too. I wanted to know where I can get some of the fabric add-ons like ribbons , sequins, and sew-ons.

  21. Vickie Says:

    Just visited you site – love it. I make AG doll clothes and accessories for my G-daughter and her cousin. Love the rag tie scarf, can’t wait to make it. I recycle when I can and my daughter gives me clothing to recycle, too. I am looking for a pattern that I can turn into a unique witch outfit. Can you help?

  22. admin Says:

    I think I may have seen a witch costume in one of the commercial pattern books at the fabric store. Maybe some of the other readers can suggest a source…

  23. Trudy Corriveau Says:

    I just love the cute Hobo bag! I can’t wait to get started on it. I just bought a Madame Alexander Friends’ doll for my granddaughter. She’s only three but I thought I’d get started on her first doll and make extra clothes. Have a shoe pattern and am so pleased to get this Hobo bag as well. One pattern I’m still looking for is a set of undies for the 18″ doll…Thank you for your great site, I’m sure to visit it often…

  24. Joanna Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful website, I look forward to going through all the archives.

  25. GrandmaKaren Says:

    What an exciting discovery on the ‘net’! My only granddaughter just turned two, and now I’m embarking on a new career (at age 70). Have decided to make lots and lots of doll clothes, etc., for both the 18″ and for various sizes of baby dolls. Hubby even bought me a new sewing machine! I look forward to your patterns and advice! Thank you!

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