Make Baby Doll Pajamas for Your American Girl Dolls

3-Final Doll 90x135

Your American Girl dolls can dream tonight in these easy-to-sew baby doll pajamas.  Our doll clothes patterns also fit many other popular 18 inch dolls like; Gotz Precious Day Collection, Madame Alexander and Heidi Ott. This adorable sleepwear set is the first pattern in our new “Dreamy” series.

3-Final Doll400w

Baby Doll Pajamas:
You can download this digital pattern and instructions right now! 
There are no shipping charges, because a paper pattern is not mailed to you. After clicking on the link and downloading the product to your computer, you can print out the instructions and pattern pieces on standard 8-1/2 X 11 paper.


This original designer pattern includes complete instructions and pattern pieces to make the lace-trimmed baby doll top and flared pajama bottoms. Just click on the green button above to start sewing now.

Please leave a comment to let us know how you like the new patterns. What would you like to see next?

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  1. Debby Says:

    I absolutely love all of the new patterns you have come up with, but I think this adorable pj set is my favorite. Can you tell me what kind of fabric you used? Is it flannel? Also wondering if you still have plans to make the hoodie pattern.
    I love your site and wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate all you do and how greatful I am that you are willing to share all your “tips and tricks” with us. I am a novice when it comes to sewing and all the info on your site is so helpful.
    Thank’s again,

  2. Amy Says:

    I agree – this one is my favorite too. I know the top has to be a similar pattern to the casual outfit below, but the lace trim just makes it look so much more delicate. Love it! How about a high-waisted dress next, like Josefina wears?

  3. Sandy Says:

    I’m new to this site and it’s been many years since I’ve made doll clothes. I used to make Barbie clothes for my girls’ dolls but now I have a grandaughter with a new American Doll so I’m looking forward to making some fun clothes for her! Thanks for all the freebies and patterns available…lots to do!

  4. AJ Says:

    Hello Peggy,

    These are just adorable! I had PJs like this when I was a little girl!!! Can I get a pattern for the shoes/slippers too? Are they knitted or crocheted? Very sweet? I am glad Debby above asked about the material, I wondered that myself. You are a great teacher, Peggy. These patterns are easy to follow and use!

    Thanks for all you do!


  5. AJ Says:

    PS: More patterns please!!!

  6. admin Says:

    Debby and AJ,
    Thanks for the positive comments!
    The fabric I used for the PJ’s is 100% cotton woven (crinkle) gauze.

    The slippers are crochet. My mother made them, then couldn’t remember how she did it. She’s 85. Otherwise, I would have included the instructions. One of the other blog readers said she would share the instructions if she could find something similar.

    Debby, Yes! I plan to make the long hoodie outfit in the next set of patterns. I’m including a pair of black fringed (so cute) knee-high boots, stretch pants and a matching tunic-length top. There’s also a very pretty lace party dress coming up soon.
    Happy sewing,

  7. Carol Says:

    I love all of your patterns and ideas! I am trying to convert the patterns to fit Chatty Cathy. I also love the slippers! I hope someone finds a pattern! Thanks!

  8. Skye Benns Says:

    I just happened to find this site and I’m glad that I did. You have some great looking patterns and I think my readers would appreciate knowing about your website.

  9. Debby Says:

    For those who are looking for crochet slipper patterns. This wonderful blog has lots of free AG crochet patterns including 3 or 4 really cute slipper patterns. Or you can just google AG crochet slipper patterns.
    PS This is not my site. Just found it while searching for AG patterns and wanted to share

  10. Stephanie Says:

    Those patterns are wonderful and stylish. And the new PJs are so cute and feminine – with the delicate lace edging and tiny buttons.

    Thank you!!

  11. Maureen Says:

    On your blog, I saw The instructions to make the bed. You mentioned you would be posting instructions for making the bedding as well. Where might I find that? I’m new to the site and excited to get a few of these projects made for my niece, a new AG “mommy” .

  12. admin Says:

    I’m working on the matching pj’s now. When those are finished, I’ll release them with the instructions for the bedding.

    The new pattern will be listed on this website on the “Patterns for Sale” page in the “Dreamy” category.

    I will also post a picture on FaceBook when it’s ready,

    If you’re on my email list, you will always receive an email when a new pattern is released.


  13. Terrie Says:

    Love all the cute patterns.

  14. Lynn Says:

    Just a general comment…I was looking up Simplicity patterns out of curiosity, and their doll patterns are very uninspired! Almost all of the clothes are gathered at the neck…a style I’m not fond of at all…and they cost more than Peggy’s! Keep up the good work, Peggy!

  15. sam Says:

    Hi. I love your website. It has so many great patterns. I downloaded the hobo bag pattern and I am making it with my grandma now. What I would like to see later in the future for doll patterns is how to make the outfit that Julie is wearing when you see the hobo bag picture.

  16. Susan Mayhew Says:

    Thanks for the bag pattern and play money. Love your website.

  17. patricia ernest Says:

    Loved the hobo bag pattern. I showed that and a picture of the bed to my daughter, and asked if she thought my great-granddaughters (4 OF THEM) would like it. Her comment was, “Where was this lady when I was growing up?” ha,ha WE BOTH JUST LOVED THEM. We would like to see a closet to keep all the clothes in.

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